Having had over 20 years experience in nutrition, Lynne is able to offer a first class nutrition service through her exceptional qualities that include:

  • A qualified Dietitian with expert nutrition knowledge - member of the British Dietetic Association, Nutrition Society, American Dietetic Association and Health Professions Council.
  • A well respected communicator in the field of nutrition.
  • An expert in translating complex nutritional science into easy to understand, positive dietary messages.
  • A unique ability to write for both health professional and consumer press, tailoring the tone of the feature to the requirements of the target audience.
  • Experienced in working with the media to help communicate messages that pack a powerful nutritional punch.
  • A name that is well known in the clinical nutrition arena (Editor of Complete Nutrition magazine, a publication circulated to over 7000 health professionals working in the field of clinical nutrition).
  • An individual who understands both the nutrition needs of consumers and health professionals, as well as the commercial requirements from a business perspective.