For companies who take corporate responsibility seriously and are considering, or are already running, health and well-being programmes for their employees, alimenta, in association with L&J Nutrition, offers a range of services to support these initiatives and help create a healthy workplace.

L&J Nutrition delivers a unique training programme that brings expert dietary advice, in the convenience of your own offices, to help benefit your employees' health, now and for the future.

L&J Nutrition's clients have included financial institutions, schools, universities, residential homes and charities to name but a few. Please click on the link below for more information.

L&J Nutrition Services Brochure (288 Kb).

Sessions can either be individual or group led and are individually tailored to cater for your company's needs. Topics that L&J Nutrition have covered in such sessions include:-

  • Healthy Eating
  • Keeping to a Healthy Bodyweight for the Whole Family (includes nutrition for toddlers, schoolchildren, teenagers and adults)
  • Eating Healthily in the Work Environment
  • Dispelling the Dieting Myths
  • Food & Mood (including Eating with Stress)
  • Healthy Eating for Your Heart
  • Getting Motivated & Changing Your Eating Behaviour
Inform and update your staff and encourage well-being in the work place. Available in printed or electronic format.
Add credibility to company events where qualified nutrition professionals interact with staff, answer questions, provide appropriate resources, and work together with company nurses and other health professionals.
Assess, evaluate and provide recommendations for corporate eating establishments including staff canteens, vending machines, snacks in shops and quick food bars.
Tailored, interactive training sessions to help in-house staff gain a better understanding of nutrition and health and how this can be translated into practical dietary advice. Ideal for cooks and chefs.